Black Mountain All-Terrain is excited to introduce the Sportsman Case for transporting your rifles, shotguns or bowhunting equipment as well as tools, personal items and first aid conveniently and securely in the bed of a John Deere Gator™ XUV or Work Series Gator™ Utility Vehicle. 

John Deere Gator Storage Sportsman Case

Gun Case & Storage

RealTree EDGE Sportsman Case John Deere Gator
John Deere Full Size Gator Sportsman Case

Fits Full-Size & Work Series Gators




Black Mountain All Terrain made in the USA Sportsman Case fits the following John Deere Full-Size Crossover Gator™ Utility Vehicles and Work Series Gators™ cargo holds:


2-passenger XUV Gator™

XUV625, XUV825E, XUV825M, XUV855E, XUV855M

3-passenger XUV Gator™

XUV835E, XUV835M, XUV835R, XUV865E, XUV865M, XUV865R

4-passenger XUV Gator™

XUV825M S4 and XUV855M S4

Work Series Gators™

HPX (615E & 815E), TE, TH and TX models.