HMMWV Seat Covers

Black Mountain All-Terrain's sister company, BMI Defense Systems, has been manufacturing seating and safety equipment for over 15 years.  The surplus HMMWV (Humvee) seat covers produced for the Iraq and Afghanistan war have been a popular item on ebay for the past 2 years. As old surplus ran out, we have picked up production on these covers again as demand continues.  These are made to fit OEM (original equipment manufacturer) High Back seats.  Produced with or without MOLLE on the back side of the seat cover allows these covers to fit all four vehicle seats. 

We have two models available. The MSP 1107 is the original "slip-on" design made for a quick grab-and-go egress. This seat back does not fully enclose the base of the seat back as to allow the crew to evacuate quickly taking the supplies stored in the pouches attached to the seat back. A grab handle is sewn on the top.  The newer 2200 series, which is better suited for day to day use outside of a wartime environment, fully wraps around the seat back and is secured using Velcro®.

Color choices include: Ranger Green, Coyote Brown, Black, Wolf Grey, Army ACU, Green 483, Woodlands Camo, Multicam Black, Multicam, Multicam Arid and Multicam Tropic. We also have a limited supply of MARPAT Woodlands.  Scroll down to view colors shown in newer 2200 model design.

2200 Series HMMWV Model
Wrap Around Design
MSP 1107 HMMWV Model
Slip-on Design

HMMWV Seat Cover Colors
All shown in 2200 Series Enclosed Seat Back Model