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BMI Defense Systems Gunner Seat and Restraint

Our Company

In 2004, we designed and built a Humvee turret gunner seat for a friend deploying to Iraq. It quickly became popular and our company, BMI Defense Systems was born. Our mission was, and still is, to listen to our warfighters and address their safety needs with better seating and restraint systems.

We developed a reputation for excellent customer service, innovative design and superior quality. By 2010, we were manufacturing safety equipment for military vehicles being used in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world. As our company grew, so did our capabilities and experience.

Today we still proudly manufacture for our US military in our Texas facility and we are still family-owned & operated.

BMI Defense Systems Black Mountain All Terrain Sewing MOLLE

Our Quality

Our passion has and always will be to create long lasting, durable, high-quality made in the USA products that adhere to the strictest quality control standards and guidelines. Military grade production, know as MIL-SPEC, which includes incorporating only made in the USA materials, is applied to all Black Mountain All-Terrain products.  This is how we confidently say our products are built to last.

Our Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee is proof that we stand behind each and every product we ship out the door.  

We don't send our military men and women to war with cheap junk and so you won't receive cheap junk either.

Built to last and

always made in the USA

BMI Defense Systems Black Mountain All Terrain Sewing Shop

Our Commitment

We sew and assemble our products for each customer in small batches at our College Station, Texas facility. Very few items are in stock and sitting on the shelf gathering dust. Our products are superior to overseas manufacturers and we are so confident in that, we guarantee you will not be shopping to replace it every season. 

Products may not be received in "prime" next day delivery speed, especially when our warfighters need us, but we feel our products are worth waiting for and hope you will as well. If the product is not what you hoped for, please let us know. We will be happy to issue a refund.

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